Book of Mums Glastonbury Top Tipsters

Here as promised here are my top tips for Glastonbury....I am super sad not to be going this year but pleased a good number of my amigos are going to them there fields to have all the fun. Soooooo, here are just a few pointers, this is by no means an exhaustive list but more of some tips and ideas from a lady who has loved them fields...

1. Boring one first, lets get it out the way...Pack a warm cardigan/jacket for the evenings to put under your jacket - something like mohair or aran wool, even a cheeky Uniqlo gillet.. You will need this when seeing the night through, it can get chilly willy, chuck it in your rucksack, thank me later.....
2. Should you fancy - book a blowdry and shampoo at the glamour and grooming tent for a mid festival treat. Book through this link, you will love it if you fancy a treat and pamper. I did it last time and I went in looking like Worzel Gummage and came out looking like Dolly Parton, win!!... Check they still have availability, I am not sure.
If not, just get really involved with Batiste, the life saver of festivals for me...
3. On the Thursday go to the Green Fields and book some kind of massage for the Saturday or Sunday, there are a plethora of incredible therapists offering every kind of massage, treatment or healing - they get booked up but you will be really grateful for some restoration at this time in the weekend.
4. On the first afternoon you arrive go to the top of the hill (by the Park) and sit by the Glastonbury sign by The Park... Drink a pint of mojito, take it all in. On the Wednesday there are often lots of proposals here and you can just here mexican waves of cheering and clapping, special .... and look at that BEAUTIFUL city you are about to embark on. Remember it is a marathon and not a sprint. Pace yourself. I never do.
5. Make sure to go and look at the green fields and hippy hang outs in the day it is beautiful and good place to chill. Do the Yoga if that is your thing. Have a sauna. Learn a skill. Make a wish and put it on the wish tree. ALL. THE. FEELS.
. I know someone who went to Glastonbury for a detox and just did this kind of thing. True story.
6. Block 9 is where you will find the phat rave. NYC downlow is also amazing - it is like an old hotel. Lots of crazy amazingness down there.
Black Madonna, Gideon and Plastik People all confirmed. Get involved.
7. Have good meet up spots by each stage and area.... so if you do get lost you know where you meet at each stage. For instance by the Pryamid there are 3 bushes - choose one. This is important, it is MASSIVE and FULL of people.
8. Get a shit mobile phone aka Burner (nokia) and it should last the weekend.
9.Take your own bottles of spirits, you can buy cold mixers there and fresh beers etc. Load up on tasty little snacks for your tent. There is everything kind of food you could ever eat at Glastonbury but it is nice to have a few faves back at the tent for munchies. Personal faves are Del Monte pots of fruit, noodles, crisps, cereal bars...
10. Take a reusable water bottle - there is lots of taps there so you can get involved. Glastonbury have spent 1000's to get water stations sorted for this year. Single-use plastic drinks bottles will not be available to purchase at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. They will also no longer be supplied or available in any of the Festival’s backstage, production, catering and dressing room areas.
11. Take a bar of soap in a soap container, it is a god send to wash your pits n' bits with fresh water in the morning if you don't make it to the Oxfam showers.....Wet wipes don't always cut it and are bad for the environment.
12. Go to the Hare Krishna tent for some delicious curry and some Om Shanti. It will make you feel nice.
13.You probably already know this - but don't EVER camp near the toilets. Rooky one wants to smell poo all weekend or hear the slamming of doors.
. If it is going to rain I would recommend camping up on the hills a bit..
14. Make sure you go to the Stone Circle one night and get fully involved in the spiritual vibe up there - it is so magical. Drum that sunrise up. That is an age old Glastooooo tradition.
15. Shoes - take one pair of wellies, a good high top trainer and a flip flop for when you are in your tent... take more socks than you think and more pants too. A ruck sack is a real good thing for the day. Pack all your essentials from sun cream to umbrellas, blah.
16. The Park is really nice place to get food and drink and hang out.....Always a brilliant line up too.
17. YOU Must GO to the Arcadia opening show and look at The Bug - ... it is like massive spider and so ridiconcolous and it will blow your tits off. They are planning new activities around the Bug this year with the launch of Pangea. So definitely one not to miss out on.
18. Find the Rabbit Hole one night and enjoy the crazy (need to try and get in there earlyish as it gets busy).
19. Follow your nose and just enjoy ending up in weird and wonderful places. It IS the most magical city and anything can happen. I once danced to a generator at 7am. So don't always try and stick to the agenda, see all the bands because when you don't plan, that is when the good shit really happens. Also you won't beat yourself up for not making it to see everything you had planned. Excuse mois francais.
20. Wear sequins and shimmer on the Sunday - it will make you feel lifted and glam and its real nice....Remember bio-degradebale glitter.... This is a working farm and the cows don't fancy chewing dodgy old glitter and gem years to come.
21.Sleep.. Seriously - it helps... if you can.I love an eye mask and ear plugs. If you can pack a sheet mask for the morning double winner. Also whilst this is a boring point if you are driving keep a fresh set of clothes in the car. ... You will love putting on a fresh set ahead of heading home... clean pants, clean heart.
22.Shangri - La is AMAZING. Planet V recordings are doing a massive takeover down there too, which will go off. It is a visual and aural feast. They say, This is more than just a party in a field. It is an outdoor gallery; an interdisciplinary space aiming to inspire, educate and connect with a wide variety of causes, knowledge and movements. Always amazing line-ups down there.
23.Sleep with your money and valuables at the bottom of your sleeping bag... god I sound like a right boring old mum. It is something I always do at festivals and always have. Book OF boring Mum.
24. All sorts of weird shiz happens by the teepee field - enjoy that. I took part in the druid opening ceremony with a lady whose boobs were freely out and hitting her knees. A lot of fantastic sights to see, crafting skills and wicker work. A good place to see folk and hang out in the day.
25. A bum bag is super handy to take out with you for the day and for the night. Pack some Handy Andys dans le bag. Also a little torch for night time, it makes things so much easier for the toilet missions. Also bum bag essential is anti bacterial gel. Love that stuff.
26. If you can get a little radio for your tent and listen to - great for getting ready, when you are hanging at your tent and just to feel part of the wider festival.
You may not make it around the whole site, so this is a way to hear things you may miss out on.
27. If you are taking your small people. The Kidzone and Circus & Theatre fields I have heard are amazing. I have never done these as always been very much an adult there. But good to mention, this is Book of Mum afterall.

28. Line up here -
29. Packing list here -

29.B I love a she-pee so as you can wee like a boy. They have special cubicles so as you can do this. It can be bought in plastic in a box and super easy to use. I had a few of these in my tent too for in the night wee's when you cant be bothered to make it to the loos. You can shee-pee into your wee bag. Winner.
30. I haven't even mentioned the Pyramid stage,which kind of puts it into perspective of how massive and amazing the best party in the world is - but I would recommend going to see an act or two there - I love the Sunday Legend always.. Dolly Parton and Lionel Richie some of the most memorable Glastonbury Sunday moments.
31.Things to explore further... Strummerville, West Holts stage, The Common, The Other Stage, John Peel Stage, Palais Cinema, Silver Hayes, The Glade, The Acoustic I write I realise this is a 10000 bullet point post and I am not doing it complete justice. I guess it is a little top tips for anyone who may be interested.

Have the time of your life!!! It is amazing - I wish I could share it with you.

P.S Finally, if you take a tent. Take it home. With all your rubbish and all your stuff. Don't let the Daily Mail do their 6 page spread on all the left over tents. These images are sickening and gross. BE THE GOOD GUY.

P.P.S Leave no trace.