Book of Mum on Womans Hour BBC Radio 4 talking about being plus size.

Bloody happy to have spoken on @bbcwomanshour this morning about being plus-sized. I was a chubby checker 8 stone at 8 years old, pacified with food often as a youngster. Eating my way out of emotional situations, of which there were many. As I have grown older I have learnt to love my body, how I move, who I am. That has taken time. This body has climbed mountains, run marathons, swum rivers, made a baby, coped with illness and carried me through 39 fantastic and bombastic years of life. No more will I punish it. I have posed naked for editorial magazines, modelled semi naked and celebrated the skin I live in, in lots of ways. I keep fit, for me, for my overall well being not to lose weight or be skinny. I know if I am fit and healthy, I am happy. So my hope being that my daughter will see a Mummy who is fit and because of that she is happy, not ill or unhappy with who she is. This picture shows a size 14 woman smashing a half marathon in 2hr 31 minutes. Some call it body positivity, I call it being ok with who you are. ‘I was skinny once and I lost my sense of rhythm’ were my parting words as I finished my call today with Jenni. Thank you @bbcwomanshour for opening a platform for this kinda chat. It’s important.