2020 – A new year, a new decade, a new chapter…

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that this year brings you all you wish for, truly.

I feel like 2019 professionally was a very exciting year in so many ways for me and with this in mind I am keen to keep the momentum up. I am working on some exciting projects which need real focus and attention and lots and lots of time. Time, the most precious of entities.

With this in mind I have shackled my fingers and am currently on a mini Instagram break. Imagine a holiday from the grid, except its not a holiday, its a ban. Thus far 7 days in, it feels good. I think i will hold out on my time off ‘the grid’ for at least another week, maybe 2. It feels odd, but good. Really good actually. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit…. I am for now no longer falling down the rabbit hole of Instagram for hours a day envying peoples winter holidays in far flung places, wondering why I don’t have a gigantic utility room aged 39 or accidentally buying foldable chopping boards that I feel I REALLY need but getting on with work, booking gigs, strategy and the intention and plan for 2020. It is important for my business, but I was keen for a new healthy relationship to form from a mini hiatus. January is a great time for me and many others to press re-set, especially after Christmas and a time of eating so much cheese that I am practically a wheel of Brie.

So January. Thank you for making me empty my cellar and throw out a truck load of stuff that I no longer need and finding the previous owners gigantic butt plug (TRUE STORY) on the floor under the boxes not opened for 6 years. Thank you for making me reorganise my sock and pants drawer. Thank you for helping me focus on fitness and health. Thank you for the new set of calendar dates that feel all exciting and razzy (or is it snazzy) – both razzy and snazzy as words feel as dated as a Quality Street tin rumbling around with only the gross coffee flavoured ones left in January. Thank you for the new diary and tick boxes that need to be ticked. Thank you for not seeing it as acceptable to drink Port and nail 566798 cheese and crackers at midday like naughty December. You are a good one, January.

Have you done a social media break so as to be more productive? How did it feel? Did you get more shit done? I would love to hear from you. Go and get it, whatever that it is. It is yours!!!!!