Who is Book of Mum?

Who is Book of Mum? For any recent folks that have nuzzled into this cosy 36C adorned fold..Welcome.. You may just see a squinty sun worshiper casually posing in active wear and beanie hat resembling a female version of Perry or Kevin from Kevin and Perry. You of course would be bang on. Few other ‘fun’ facts for you… I am a mother to a 2 year old lil dictator/ladylove. I am a comedian. I started Book of Mum to keep me writing when I couldn’t perform in the early days of motherhood and boobing like a beached ? all hours. I do things on the radio for @sohoradio & @the_everything_project_ to name a few. I sometimes model and act in a plus size fashion (size 14 btw), crazy that is considered plus….I production manage commercials and content for cash money. I just grew my brows out. Recently diagnosed with suspected Chrons, Pyoderma Gangrensoum and sometimes RA. I love cooking, travelling, danger-wanking, House Music, interiors, my family, cheese, DnB, festivals, laughter, clothes, nesting, collecting glassware, my mates, Aswad, posing, ?️ camping, entertaining, living a life with feeling and meaning. Looking forward to learning more about you. Please tell me 3 things about you, even if I know you I waaaaaanna know (in the words of Whitney)….GO.