When Life Gives you Lemons – Drink It and become a bitter, acidic witch………………..

I feel it is time to put it out there…. I am an honest one and I like to be true whilst bringing the funny …. However , the past 7 weeks have been extremely challenging… I got a bite which have turned into aggressively growing wounds (rank) partnered with autoimmune wrongens which had me having trouble walking and suffering extreme exhaustion. Think of the hunchback of Notre Dame and this will give you an idea of my kind of swagger. Thus far I have been given 5 courses of antibiotics, anti fungals, visits to hospitals, tropical diseases, botched dressing clinics, biopsies, referrals to all the departments to find out what’s going on, bloods, IV’s, pooing in pots, creams, pills blah… Currently on high grade drugs that are meant for folks who have organ transplants, some big bad boy immune supressents and steroids with all the side effects to go with them, with a sprinkle of other pills and potions to assist… they have found one possible diagnoses, a beautiful thing called Pyoderma Gangrenosum. Have your lunch before you look it up.
Yes I have been doing some writing, presenting and radio and keeping my fingers in the comedies and that has been a life saver. Once or twice a week. No more. This is keeping me going in between doctors, dressing clinics, hospital visits, crying, being a mother etc. My life in so many ways has had to stop. I still am trying to find the fun and light otherwise this thing has won and actually no it fucking won’t.

This message is not for sympathy. More of a public service announcement. Many of you have been kind and touched base and thought it best to make clear what’s happening in my world.

I have had to cancel exciting plans and and events…generally those that would have involved portaloos and car journeys… I will get through this…. and I love you all….I am still Kelly and I still will live my life. In the words of Daniel Beddingfield. “I am gonna get through this”. #pyodermagangrenosum#pgawareness