The Good Life

Mission 2018. Yes. To live a good life. But to attempt to be more ethical as part of that good life. Looooong post alert. To get a real grasp, mindset and sense of conscience about my actions. Taking personal responsibility. Considering sustainability of everything I do making sure that my actions do not have a negative impact on me, my family and wider world. If they should thinking of ways to balance their impact.

Ethical well being sure is about environment and our footprint but also emotional well-being through our relationships with others from friends to family to your local greengrocers.

There is a paradox that is starting to make a lot of folks stop and think, why when we have never been healthier and wealthier, are we not feeling better about our lives? We literally have never had it so great.

Professor Lord Layard says the 7 keys to happiness are an adequate income, mental health, satisfying and secure work, a secure loving and private life, a safe community, freedom and moral values. These do more to promote well-being than money ever could.

A New Year is a good a time as any to live In a good way or to challenge our built in behaviors that may not be positive. I for one am on the journey. Not making any grand resolutions but really considering my daily choices and actions…..who is with me?

I watched Blue Planet and it scared me shitless. I want my daughter to see how we are trying to make it better. Even one @greenandblacks at a time… This story will continue…… Tagging some brands who are there.