Swimming is ‘fun’

Is it a ‘big’ bird? Is it a plane? Is it a packhorse? I hear you cry from the very back. No it is a trip to go swimming to try and tire out the little person and offer a ‘fun’ activity to break up the day. Swimming is ‘fun’ and a wonderfully pleasurable and healthy activity for your baby, but you sure do have to take a lot of ‘stuff’ and when riding solo it can be nothing short of a mission.

It is like when you used to go on holiday to Ibiza when in your 20s, you are rocking denim short shorts I imagine – I never did that look or more like I never was able to do that look, Je ne regrette rien. You would be like ” Hey Jane, I am only going to take a rucksack and bag for the plane”… The reality was 15 bags and an RyanAir fine of £85. ” He would sell his own mother if he could “.

So, what the hell is going in this picture? One Ergobaby with heavy baby inside adorned in puffa jacket looking like a giant yellow baby like rice crispie. Ruck sack on back containing all the usual gubbins nappies, panadol just in case, beaker with water, snacks, change of clothes, an opened packet of Organix carrot sticks opened and splayed and nourishing the bottom of said bag, milk bottle, muslins, tissues, wipes. Yellow bag containing one ill fitting bikini for me ( not matching ), swimming nappy, babies swimming costume and towel for both. Orange bag is stuffed to the brim with my usual suitcase of Mary Poppin items , some never used and some important ranging from keys, phone to empty dummy box and empty tic tac box, standard lamp – you get my drift.

On the way into to changing ahead of actually getting in the pool, I dropped my purse twice and had to ask someone to help me pick it up; yep you guessed it, twice. The baby change area had a place to change a baby – great you say. But, a massive but here actually, like a butt the size of mine, ginormous….. Ideally…. said baby doesn’t move, no straps here – oh no no no, so I spent the entire time trying to make sure my baby didn’t do a somersault out of the plastic cradle, it really is quite something this particular challenge when you are getting dressed and trying to dress wee folk before you get in the pool, then try it sopping wet afterwards – In the words of Chic “Good Times”. Then comes the careful balance of getting all your stuff in the locker, finding the pound to put in the locker, phone drops on the floor….

Right, finally breathe – lets go and have this swim then…

Actually then suddenly realise “Oh I need the loo”..the one armed super woman strikes again.

15 minutes later Shamu and baby hit the Olympic Pool like ducks to water.




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  1. Funny read….I have trouble just getting myself ready for a swim….so I can only imagine your stress levels

  2. I find this feeling not only applies to swimming but every aspect of my day to day life. Still trying to nail the basics. One day. Flipping brilliant read!!!! Off to read the rest. X

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