Swim while you are winning…….


This attractive photo is entitled ‘Peace, Love and puking in the pool’ modelled by my favourite ankle biter. Thats one first I certainly wont forget in a hurry. Projectile. Lifeguard then advising that they had to lift the floor of the pool up to top level to rid sick ahead of swimming lessons. The bottom of the pool can do this apparently – cool right?! Where was my crabbing net and bucket from week away in Cornwall to scoop up the milky vomit? We both blushed as we exited the pool. I had a shoulder saturated in milk as though I had been a mad hungover woman delving into the fridge and necking a 4 litre semi skimmed in the hope of getting much needed hydration but actually getting into all down my front/ ill fitting speedo black swimsuit. Come on, we have all been there. Witness the fitness. Thank you London Aquatics Centre for another ‘interesting’ episode in our journey to groom the baby into Rebecca Adlington. Swim while your winning.