Message to My Mummy


Shortly after Tabitha was born I wrote/scribbled a poem onto a receipt. I then wrote it in a special place that I now cant find, very frustratingly.  I very sadly lost my Mummy aged 15. I felt compelled to write some words to her now that I was beginning my journey as a Mother.

I have always found Mothers day an odd one. I thought it maybe a good idea to share this poem from memory on Book of Mum around the time of Mothers day. Should I find the original I will post below. It is only a few utterings of my feelings and some of the things I would just love to say to her. My love goes out to all those Mummys who are a Mummy without a Mummy on Mothers Day and every day, it is tough. I feel you.


This is Tabitha Jill Mummy – she is one quarter you.

I wish that she knew the you I knew.

Just to smell your hair or touch your skin

To be around you and the space your in

Thank you for the love you showed and shared

Look at me now, a Mummy full of love and care

I never got to say the sorrys I wanted to say

The teenage angst and dramas of the day

How brave you were when the going was tough

You kept your poise when the tides were rough

Teaching me what was wrong and right.

Not always getting it perfectly but always with light

Who would have thought I would be a Mummy?

I now realise the work it takes to make it look cool and funny

I think of you everyday. Please shine on us please as we laugh and play.


This is Tabitha Jill Mummy – she is one quarter you.

I wish that she knew the you I knew.






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  1. These are such touching words Kelly. Your mum would be soo proud to see what a wonderful mummy you have also become!! Much love to you all xx

  2. Kelly, these are such beautiful words. What an amazing mummy you are xxxxx

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