I know you feel it too – I can feel the love – can you feel it it too?


A good mate once said to me that the first year of becoming a parent may prove to be the hardest in your relationship. I reckon she has an extremely valid point. High five good mate.  The lack of sleep. Money tighter due to one salary. Ocado van only coming once a month as opposed to every week. Sexy times and that Ann Summers policewoman outfit last on the list. Then add as a garnish exhaustion, healing sexual organs and a living breathing human baby person to keep alive day and night. This can cause all sorts of bickering, snapchats (not the nudey social media variety) and general challenging relationship vibes. Boring!!

I mean everyone wants to do well and most likely everyone wants to get along and indeed enjoy every moment but sometimes it is simply, bloody hard to keep it all reasonable, loving and rationable with your loved one. So attached are some handy tips to keep at it. I particularly like get your own pints of ice cream and talk to each other about things that matter and things that don’t. Actually not talking about the baby is a really good one too. We have had 2 dates out so far and have tried to keep the rule of not talking about Baby T. It is hard. Like 10/10 hard . Mostly we have done well until in the uber drunk cooing over videos that have been watched 10,000 times. Pathetic but true. “Aaaaw look at her dribbling on a rusk”……

To summarise, you will get back to it. In the meantime make time for one another and love. Even when you are completely pooped and feel like you have no personality and look like Jabba the Hut (how I have felt for some of my past 8 months), make time to love one another. Simple things like asking how your day was, running a bath for each other or leaving a note in a lunchbox (any variety) will go towards making it good. As the cliche famously says, it is just a phase and it will pass.

A wise man once said “It started it with that love business between the both of you – it was how it all happened, don’t forget it….”

Now I am off to practice what I preach… Now where is that policewoman’s outfit and cuffs….