Chapter 7 – To the Men


Shout out to the men, the rocks, the steady ones, the chocolate getters, the tissue carriers and administrators, the silent huggers, the shoulders to cry on, the ‘I will do this nappy’, ‘ I will bring you a wine’, the hand hold, the understanding that not everything is always perfect, the laughs when needed, the “I am going through it too but still being there for you”. This week has been one of the toughest of my life. My man has been at my side, holding my hand throughout and reminding me why I love him so, from the ordinary things like sharing a breakfast in silence to just being to pretending he still fancies me in old frayed pj’s with tear strewn make up all over my face. I am so bloody grateful he is mine and puts up with this occasional grotbags no matter. Thank you @peteallreet . You bloody legend. Every day a new day.