Chapter 6 – The Grass is Greener or is it?


The grass is greener on the other side of the fence or iiiiiiiiiiiiiiis it? In the world of social media and windows to everyone else’s heavily curated world, it strikes me that we all want what we don’t have.

True right? I spend hours sometimes days lusting after mohair rugs, leopard print clogs, ski holidays, cashmere onesies, velour mankini’s and cherry de- stoners that I no doubt would never even use. Get me drift folks?

This little saying became apparent in a small way when I posted some pictures of a very urban Sunday day trip with the wee bab of Dim Sum, a walk down the Thames and a trip on the London Emirates airline cable cars ( a wicked day out I must say) – a you can tap in and tap out with Oyster or debit card on the cable cars which is pretty cool for such a great experience. Shit. I am sounding so London right now. A mate posted a comment how different parenting was in London #slightlyjealous.

The lovely lady in question lives in Cornwall with gorgeous babes, so I replied that what we make up for in urban foxes, litter and dodgy accents they have crystal waters, delightful sands and options for regular dates with the bucket and spade. A lifestyle I lust after sometimes amongst the concrete jungle. In fairness they also have plenty of dodgy accents down there too.

So with the use of social media I think it means that quite often people’s grass on the other side of the fence is often heavily fertilised. In my case with a number of different instagram filters and specific camera angles. Poor Book of Dad only knows too well how I ask him to take pictures from a height to hide the double chin. You gotta do what you gotta.

I like the idea that the grass is green where you water it. Look down and around at what you have. Be grateful. I need to take heed of that one next time I am rushing to Amazon to satisfy a material urge like motorised copper toilet brush that I saw being used by a glamorous friend on Facebook.