Chapter: 11 – The Birthday Party

Kept her alive for 3 whole years… Currently steaming a frozen dress, the lovely man is icing a cake, bunting is hung, pass the parcel (we played this at our wedding with the rings inside and every guest touched the parcel) made…every year marked by a Birthday is important for the smalls and the olds involved in their lives… I never remember having birthday parties in my childhood except once when my mummy filled the Volvo full of treats and we had a picnic In the gallops (a field for training horses) with a few local chums with animal masks … Maybe that’s why I want her to feel what a proper birthday party is like and also why I have really celebrated my birthday as I have got older…. It’s important to celebrate, make memories and savour the special times…We are the lucky ones….. Now let’s pray for no rain tomorrow… Cheers.