Book of Mum – Chapter One…

So here it is, my first blog post. Tad – dah! ¬†After speaking about Book of Mum to my exceptionally patient husband Book of Dad and caring friends since the birth of my cracking daughter Tabitha 6 months ago. I am doing it and writing the words in my wordpress – shit as they say has finally got real. The plan of action with Book of Mum is to create chapters of my “Mum” book that will shed an honest portrayal of what being a Mum has meant to me. An alternative to Mumsnet and Penis Beaker forums…It has been one hell of a mega journey thus far which has seen our little family venture to the Smokey Mountains, coming to terms with breast pumping in toilet cubicles and day by day falling in love with the new small mate more and more- the cliches are all correct I hate to say. I am coming at this from the perspective of not having a mother around to share this journey, but have learnt some amazing coping mechanisms that have made my new job easier to deal with when some days be dark, this partnered with the best friends and family in the business. Welcome. Put your slippers on and come on in. Welcome to the Book of Mum.url

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  1. Love love xxxx love how you write & not having a mummy to share your treasure with I can only imagine. You sharing is steps to healing. Keep writing. I will be looking forward to reading ????

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