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Right, I am feeling inspired by @mother_of_daughters to get on this body positivity ting and share some good tidings to all the Mummas. #bodypositive#loveyourbabyloveyourbody . Props to Clemmie for starting something so important via a great shot in a bikini , she has had 4 kids and is looking pretty fly #fit. Bravo. I have always been plus sized, like always. Teetering between the cosy roast potato friendly size 14 and rather more voluptuous size 16. I have always been what I have. Sometimes I have been OK with it. Sometimes not. Thick thighs. Big Bum. Body of Crimewatch. Face of Baywatch. As I took to the waves this week on holiday with my baby , sure we may resemble Shamu and calf and the bikini may not be matching..But, I feel proud. Actually bloody proud. Sure my new addition to my body since the birth of my lil mate aka le puppy pouch/ mummy tummy/ ‘cesarean special for madame’ needs some serious panelling/scaffolding and occasionally some support wear or pants up to my boob’s resembling a 50’s pin up to suck it all in but there is a mega positive reason behind this. It carried the best addition to my life for 9 months. Wow. I can’t still get my head around it. My body made and carried a baby for that long and then delivered it into the world. It is a miracle. So yes, my body may be beautifully Imperfect but when I walked down that beach. I dId almost walk down it like a catwalk and that my rent was due. This is me. A mother. An plus sized model with @uglymodels and a massive cheerleader for celebrating all shapes and bodies. Own it. You deserve to. We are all different. That alone is what makes us beautiful. Shake it Mumma.
#bodypositivity #strongnotskinny
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Respect also to the real body flaunters. @stylemesunday @clemmietelford@mrsgifletcher @finlay_fox@cheltenhammaman


8 thoughts on “Body Positivity”

  1. Thank you darling! It is good to be reminded that we should celebrate the amazing things our female bodies can do, rather than focus on all the negative aspects of one’s body after child-bearing + ageing! Going to keep your words in mind when I don my one-piece this summer, with a baby or two in tow πŸ˜πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§ xxx

    1. You are amazing – thank you for the kind words. If anyone can rock a one piece its you. Love you forever xx

  2. Well said Kelly. Tear in my eye every time I read your blog.
    I get so paranoid that someone is going to offer me a seat on the tube! XxX

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