Baby T Turns One

It is really hard to put into words the past year since we have been given our new house mate Baby T.

But here it goes. It has been one hell of a mega journey, magical, mental, educational, hilarious, emotional, exhausting, brilliant, fantastic, euphoric and a seriously magnificent time.

I now know how to change a nappy in the dark and I can survive on no sleep and work admittedly looking like the grinch (face like a scrotum in a wig) but I can do it.

I love her – like a massive love bomb. She has made me. Wow. Yes, thats it,  that is how I actually feel – she has truly made me. If you don’t like corny as I don’t forgive me this one moment. We have been a bloody goodun’. So here is to you Baby T. You are One.

One year since I was the Friday night screamer. One year since you have made our lives a lot less boring.

Book of Dad and I have super large families – they should have battled it out for the biggest breeders of the south practically, so when it came to Tabithas first birthday we wanted to do something for our families to come together and raise a glass. With our numbers totalling 35 there was no way we could also invite friends on this occasion otherwise we would be entering wedding scale and we simply cant remortgage the house again.

We hosted at Hotel Du Vin – Brighton.A stunning location in Sussex. Marek, Lisa and Lily in the team looked after us fantastically.They couldn’t do enough for us with the preparation and multiple emails and on the day we were so lucky being given Lily to assist us with our event. We had delicious jugs of Pimms on arrival for our guests. Bubbly and lots of delicious canapes for the adults and I provided crisp/beige buffet for the children ranging from frazzles to scotch eggs. That is the dream right there I am told by nephew Seb.

Below is one moment where Baby T was not crying/grumbling/asleep due to ‘teething’. I dont know it it is a new mum thing but i blame everything on teething, even when I havent done the weekly shop. LOL.

We had a bloody amazing cake made by Lenka – a 2 tier unicorn number. Tasted better than it looked. Here are her contact details should you be in Sussex and in need of some bang tidy cake making bizniz.01903 535161

Washed down with a great speech from Book of Dad, more bubbles and tea and coffee.

We made a book for Tabithas 18th (an idea from Book of Sister) on the day and had a Polaroid camera and asked that everyone write a few words to Tabitha for when she turns 18 and then to take a pic and place it next to it. The end result is a Blue Peter like time capsule she will have on her 18th. We also will ask key special mates to write in the book also.

We decorated the room with items from Molly Meg. Who knew you could have so much fun with paper pastel tassells and decorations.  What a shop.

To summarise,a gorgeous afternoon had with all our family celebrating our special lil lady. It was everything we wanted it to be and more.

Someone choosing a really interesting position to sleep at her own party. One for her wedding day.


Thank you to our family for making long journeys to come to Tabithas birthday and big thank you to Hotel Du Vin for all you did to make it mega!

Now we need to save up over the next 15 years for her 16th.