All Hail – Hello Fresh

We have been back in the colourful and zesty land of @hellofreshuk and it’s been as good as I remember, damn right delicious in fact… Just to not have the age old most annoying couple conversation ever of “What’s for dinner tonight?” is one thing but also the recipes, quality of ingredients and variety of dishes are top ranking…Being a tricky customer I was able to tweak most recipes so as they didn’t have a dairy or wheat element whilst the rest of the family chowed down on creme fraiche swirled sauces…. Our magnificent aupair @sara_miamaria_ has taken the helm two nights a week with Hello Fresh recipes which has been a major helper to me also, anyone with an au pair I recommend this as a great way to collaborate on the cooking duties….. it works, it’s tasty and the wee folk love most of the dishes too… All hail, Hello Fresh….