A night with The Hotbed Collective

What happens when bombastic and brilliant women of The Hotbed Collective get in touch and ask you to shimmy with them for their live recording of a podcast or two?

Answer: You say YES please and get knee deep in all things sexy times

The Hotbed Collective say they are making life better one orgasm at a time.  I say, YES, YES, YES, YES, OOHHH, YES. They are formed and founded by trio of beauties, Cherry Healey, Lisa Williams and Anniki – Super Editor of Selfish Mother .The evening was hosted at the super funky and extremely friendly Old St Records and the evening was broken down into 3 podcasts being recorded, each had a subject title, Sex after Kids, one on one of my favourite subjects masturbation and last but no means least The Bum Sex aka Anal. Just to say the words Danger Wank to 80 + lovelies was one of my highlights.

Guests were warmly welcomed into the basement and given a complimentary delicious beverage and the goody bag of all good bags rammed full of lubes, vibrators and other ‘handy’ things for the modern woman, the guests then nestled their way around tables. It felt sexy down there I wont lie. Candlelight, cosy, a bit of red velvet on the stage….Notorious BIG on the tunes.

Anniki, Cherry and Lisa had organised a great script and running schedule for the evening to include hilarious games, reviews on various items and discussion pieces for each topic. It was frank, honest and varied. There were POLL questions raised to the audience which enabled some group participation via the use of YES – whistles being blown or NO – party poppers being hooted. No Producers ear drums were perforated during the entire performance, I think. A questionnaire had been sent to folk ahead of the event and some of the answers had been carefully slotted into a ‘Sex Box’ which I was delighted to co-present/ delve into over the evening.

Dr Karen Gurney who is a Clinical Physcologist and Physcosexologist  from the Havelock Clinic aka Legend was also on guest duties with me and throughout the evening she delivered some incredible wisdom on the sexy times. I took notes. During the interval I asked some pals what they thought of the night and the response was that “They felt that they were part of something”. It really did, folks were speaking up from the audience, asking important and relevant questions and it felt like there were no holds barred. Lets get this stuff out there. It was a female forum of honesty. The Hotbed Collective don’t do things by half and had negotiated a tsunami of pizzas to be hand delivered to each of the tables during the break so all that white wine could be soaked up over the course of the evening. Well done ladels – that was generous and massively appreciated by our loving audience’s tummys.

I wanted to participate something extra special and super comedic for the the evening. Quite an ask. So wrote my own rendition of Les Miserables once versioned/ ruined by Su Bo “I dreamed a dream” about Sex after children. It took a couple of weeks to finesse and hone. My cat knows every word after many a kitchen based rehearsal and I employed a singer teacher to assist with choosing the right key and important stuff like that. I gave it all I got at the end of the night and loved the reaction from the crowd. Wow, I mean like Wow, wow…Thank you.  I felt all giddy for some time.

Norah’s Brownies provided the  beautiful bite sized beauties for dessert. They looked stunning.

The show finished, the party continued. I went home full of love and tips to get ma’ freak on. Thank you Hotbed it was a truly brilliant night. Lets hope for more.

Below are a selection of snaps from the night. Rock, Lube and Roll.