A whole new set of calendar dates got me all excited…My new diary. Adventures to be made. Plans. Excitement. Goals, some big, some small. People to love, including myself. Travel trips to far off places. Birthdays to remember. Anniversary’s, bahmitzvahs, weddings…Things, times, gym classes not to forget. Making time just to chill the funk out. Work to do. Writing to create. Comedy to perform. Festivals to perform at… Radio shows to book and create. New big projects. Fun to have. Family. The scribbles. The jokes. The reminders to pay the childminders. The films to watch. The books to read. Scheduling the shit the out of it. Writing it all down. The diary to behold all of 2018’s 365 day show down. How exciting?!


Massive thank you to Moleksine Canary Wharf for sending me my new beauty

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