Book of Mum

Book of Mum comes to you from me your host Kelly Ford. After finding myself knee deep in stained maternity bras and muslins I thought it only right to share my thoughts on the madly wonderful world of being a Mum, in my case harshly without a mum too. I will be serving up Book of Mum…. via dedicated bloggified chapters each coming to you like the contents of a packet of Monster Munch. Each bite packing a zing with no holds barred honesty leaving you hopefully wanting more and scraping the inside of the bag for the last oniony wheat based flakes. I hope that this experiment will highlight positives of being a Mum, suggesting great things to do in your maternity leave at places that actually like children like folk and generally offer some thoughts and feelings on how to make the best of every day and every situation. This is Mumsnet turned inside out through my brain and no Penis Beakers will be included.